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- January 16
th, 2003

Bayer:  Archie Kerr
CAER: Brian Hatfield

City of Sarnia: Cal Gardner
Dow: Mike Gillis
Ethyl: Gord Wilson
Lambton College: Dan Overy
Lambton County: Mark Wetering
Lambton EMS: Steve Vanvauklkenburg
Lambton OPP Corunna: Vince George
NOVA: M.Bruce
Sarnia Fire & Rescue: Bill Payne
Shell: Hank Bonnet
St.Clair Township F.D.: Roy Dewhurst
Suncor: George Hatfield

Call to Order: The acting Chairman, M.Bruce stated that he was filling in for M.Murray and that He would have to leave at 2:45p.m. Adoption of previous minutes: Moved by G.Hatfield and seconded by R.Dewhurst that the minutes be adopted as written.

1) Code 8 Recommendations:
In the absence of Chief R.Boyes, George Hatfield reported that the Fire committee identified the need for an emergency code 8 and a non-emergency code 8. The work on this should be completed by January 30th and posted in the member’s only section of the website with a February 20th deadline for comment.
ACTION ITEM: G.Hatfield.

2) Bill 148 Update:
Cal Gardner reported on the Training required and the need for Municipal Emergency Coordinators. There is a need for risk analysis on an annual basis for things such as arena’s , rail & Highway corridors. These must be submitted annually to the EMO. He also stressed the need for individual Emergency Planning Committees and the required communication to residents. He commented that Sarnia, with some effort is at the middle (enhanced) level. He stated that He and Mark Wetering have a challenge in the County in order to meet these stringent requirements. He also outlined the training courses required by each municipality. The conclusion is that these changes are primarily a County and Municipal issue. The chair requested a report on progress being made for the April 17th, WC meeting.
ACTION ITEM: Cal Gardner

2) Digital Mapping: B.Hatfield reported on work done to date, and that Nova had provided the cheque to Caer and CAER had paid Monteith & Sutherland. He stated that the invoices to all CVECO member plants contained within the project would be sent out along with an agreement( for signature) that these would be usedemergency response purposes only and would not be copied for use outside of their plant.

B.Hatfield reported on the posting of the revised manual in the member’s only section and the request for review and comment that would be made. He expected that all sections would be on the site no later than January 30th .

4) Industry Canada Proposal:
Cal Gardner relayed the good news that we have been approved for subsidization to the amount of $187,000 by Industry Canada for the four month trial of the Allport device. A target date is to commence no later than March 31st. Gord Wilson commented on the CAC”s commitment to design and implement the survey and reports required by Industry Canada. A committee, chaired by Cal Gardner will design and implement the survey. Cal commented on the need to have Technical people, experienced with surveys to assist and he formaly requested any members with such persons to contact him if they are available.

: Gord Wilson commented on the CAC”s discussion on the fee structure and the need to formally adopt CAER membership criteria. When this is done, then the issue of a more equitable fee structure can be handled. B.Hatfield requested assistance is developing membership criteria and Archie Kerr immediately offered to assist.
ACTION ITEM: B.Hatfield/A.Kerr

George Hatfield gave a year end report on the 227 codes called and two instances where codes should have been called but were not. he stated that the complete report would be on the website within a week.

Dan Overy reported on several projects and organizational development issues of the group. He presented the CVECO Security Awareness Notification protocol and the form used. (attached to minutes). There followed a discussion on where items like this would be contained in the manual. There was also a lengthy discussion on some confusion caused by use of the two names, CAER/CVECO. There was no resolution of this discussion.

Brian Hatfield reported that there was a balance of $7,500.75 at Dec.31st. This was accomplished by cutting back on advertising in order to cover the cost of temporary administrative assistance which cost $6,400.00. He showed the anticipated revenue for 2003 and if the budget is maintained there will be a projected surplus of $12,000 for year end 2003.

9) ADJOURNEMENT: at 3.45 p.m.