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What is CAER?

CAER is an organization that deals with the issues arising from a community living in close proximity to large chemical manufacturing and oil refining industries. The initials represent two different areas of interest which have developed over the past 45 years into the present day organization.

"CA" stands for Community Awareness - that part of the organization which keeps the community informed as to the nature of the industry and what steps to take in the event of a natural or industrial emergency. Activities in this area are co-ordinated by the Community Awareness Committee (CAC).

"ER" stands for Emergency Response - that part which brings the city and industry together to mitigate any emergency which may occur. The Chemical Valley Emergency Co-ordinating Organization (CVECO) handles the activities in this area.

The initials "CAER" also represent one of six different Codes of Practise that make up an industry program called "Responsible Care" a registered trademark of the Canadian Chemical Producers Association and the Chemical Manufacturers Association in the United States.