Chemical Valley Emergency Coordinating Organization
24A massive explosion in South-Western Ontario occurred the night of May 6th 1951, at an industrial site that was then called, Polymer Corporation.Many members of the community made their way to the site. In the process they put themselves in grave danger and hampered the movement of emergency response vehicles.In response to concern for community safety and well being, that same week representatives of the Sarnia Police Service, Dow Chemical, Imperial Oil and Polymer met to form the Chemical Valley Emergency Traffic Control Committee.In 1957 The Chemical Valley Mutual Fire Aid Association was formed to share fire-fighting resources among industries. In 1971 the two organizations joined to form the Chemical Valley Emergency Coordinating Organization, commonly known today asĀ CVECO.


CVECO Code: What it means
CODE 5 Incident outside of industry potentially requiring CVECO assistance
CODE 6 Full traffic control requested in designated areas
CODE 7 Bomb threat
CODE 8 Notification by a CVECO member of an internal abnormal occurrence. No action taking by CVECO responders
CODE 9 Request for response by Municipal Fire Department