Shelter In Place

What is “Shelter-in-Place”?

In the event of a chemical release, safety sirens in Sarnia’s industrial corridor will sound to alert the public. If you hear the sirens, or are told to Shelter-in-Place, emergency officials recommend that you Shelter, Shut and Listen:

  • Stay inside
  • Close all windows and secure doors (locking provides a tighter seal).
  • Turn off all ventilation systems such as heating or air conditioning.
  • If there are gaps in windows or doors, seal with tape or damp towels.
  • Have an battery operated radio for emergencies and tune to local radio stations for more information

How do you know when to Shelter-in-Place?

Sarnia has a Community Warning System in place that uses several tools to alert the public. If there is a chemical release with the potential to impact the community, the outdoor Safety Sirens located in the vicinity of the emergency will be sounded. The sirens will sound for about 3 minutes, and will be re-sounded periodically during the emergency. The sirens are tested on Mondays at 12:30 p.m. Safety sirens are located in the downriver industrial corridor and in the City of Sarnia.

Details during a Shelter-in-Place incident are issued by emergency officials via the news media.. Local radio stations will sound an alert tone interrupting regular broadcasts, followed by a voice message about the chemical emergency. Be sure you have a battery powered radio at home and at your place of work.