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Member's Section

This section of the website contains information for representatives of the CAER/CVECO organization. The links below will take you to the latest reports, minutes, etc. of the various sub-committees within CAER / CVECO. This section of the site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Please note that some of the material posted here may be "draft" documents in progress. Where appropriate, your comments would be most appreciated. All suggestions should be sent to Brian Hatfield, CAER Co-ordinator.

CAER Board of Directors

CAER Working Committee


Response Review Committee

Community Awareness Committee

Bluewater Community Advisory Panel

Meeting Calendar


Draft C.V.E.C.O. Manual

CVECO Manual Cover.pdf
Section3- Radio & Telephone Communications.pdf
Section4- Definitions & Responsibilities.pdf
Section5- Code 5 Incident Outside Industry
Section11- CVECO Incident Management System.pdf
Section12- CVECO Accountability System.pdf
AppendixF - Mutual Aid Inventory.pdf

Please send comments on these new sections to:
Brian Hatfield