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- February 20
th, 2003


Basell: Doug Fairbairn
Bayer: Archie Kerr ( Chairman )

BP Canada: Paul Hagger
CAER: Brian Hatfield
CEPA: Wayne Edwards

City of Sarnia: Cal Gardner
Ethyl: Gord Wilson
I.O.L.: Dave Beer

Lambton County: Mark Wettering
Lambton E.M.S.: Ken Langlois
NOVA: Ron Lebel
Sarnia F.D.: Bill Payne

Sarnia Police Dept.: Phil Nelson
Shell Canada: Heather Cooper
St. Clair F.D.: Roy Dewhurst

Regrets: Martin Bruce, NOVA, Dan Overy, Lambton College

Call to Order: By the Chair at 1:35 p.m.

Introductions: Archie Kerr, the Chair for 2003 introduced himself and asked for self introductions.

Approval of Previous Minutes: Moved by Bill Payne and seconded by Wayne Edwards that the minutes be adopted as written.

Action Items: The Chair asked B.Hatfield to review the past years minutes and prepare a list of action items. ACTION ITEM: B.Hatfield

Business Arising:

WebSite Drafts: The period of time left for comment is until Feb.29th. A reminder email is to be sent to all members reminding them to read these drafts before they are submitted for approval to the membership on April 9th, 2003


CODE 8 Revisions: Bill Payne distributed draft 3 of the Code 8 section of the manual and explained the decision to break the code 8 into a Code 8 and an information code 8. Insp. Phil Nelson questioned the decision to split the code.  Members explained the rational relative to response potential or no response potential. There followed a 30 minute period of discussion during which Phil Nelson explained the history of codes 1-10 and the fact that codes 0 – 4 are now police only codes. The discussion concluded with the minutes recording that the CVECO Executive decision will be voted on at the April 9th CVECO General meeting.

CAER FEE STRUCTURE: Archie Kerr explained the work done to date on possibly reworking the fee structure in accordance with the amount of “Sweat Equity” provided by the member companies. He showed an overhead which broke the membership down into large, medium and general interest companies. The chart also indicated the number of active CVECO and CAER employees provided by these companies. He explained that attendance at the General Meeting was not counted. Only active committee memberships were used. He stressed that this was just the first look at trying to arrive at a more equitable formula and that it was indeed a difficult task which would require a lot of input from others. At this point he asked all present to send any thoughts on the process to B.Hatfield and encourage others in their companies to do the same. B.Hatfield reported that this has been a concern of the Community Awareness Committee for some time. It was pointed out by Cal Gardner that Bill 148 and it’s requirement for risk analysis by all companies might help some companies to become more active and contribute to the organizations activities.
ACTION ITEM: All Members

INDUSTRY CANADA SURVEY: Cal Gardner reported on the work done to date and the status of the two contracts required. Bell will design the survey and the CAC will be responsible for its distribution, collection and analysis and reporting to Industry Canada. CVECO members will distribute the units to the selected residences and businesses. He explained how Banks & Stores, CVECO and Hospitals and Seniors Residences will be broken into groups for specific notification purposes. If all goes well with the contracts, the first test is scheduled for May 5th, 2003.


Bill Payne spoke to the approval process for the manual. He also reported on the decision to appoint up to a maximum of two members each from the Municipal and Industrial side in order to maintain a balance of expertise.

Community Awareness Committee:
Gord Wilson reported on the work the committee is doing to better define its role and encourage more participation. The Bluewater CAP is taking positive steps to increase its effectivness and has developed a new charter and bylaws to this end.

Emergency Preparedness Week Committee:
Both CVECO and the CAC reported on the need for this committee to plan and organize activities for this activity which is held early in May. The Chair asked for the formation of the committee and the following members volunteered; Chairman: Archie Kerr, Ron Lebel, Gord Wilson, Mark Wettering, Cal Gardner, Bill Payne and Brian Hatfield. The first meeting will be held on Tuesday March  th at 3:00 p.m. at the 4th floor boardroom, 265 N.Front Street. An e-mail notice reminder to be sent out.
ACTION ITEM : B.Hatfield

Siren Activation Protocol:
Hank Bonnet of Shell questioned the existing protocol which uses the terms “ may sound the sirens”. Shell has requested a protocol in which the Industrial Commander might sound the sirens. A discussion ensued on the problem of verifying the industrial commander if the call is over the 911 system and also the need to get information on the event and to forward it to the radio station. Discussion ensued about the possibility of encryption of the CVECO radio system. It was felt that the cost should at least be looked into.   Also it was felt that there should be a prompt hyperlink in the public domain section to the siren protocol. This would ask for a user id and password.


GOAL REVIEW: Arhie Kerr reviewed the 2002 goals and there was only one not completed which was the mid-year review of the CAER reorganization. He stated that it was an action item of his which would be completed.


2003 GOALS: Arhie asked all members to suggest goals for 2003 and to e-mail these to B.Hatfield at the CAER office. These will be categorized and presented for discussion at the next meeting.
ACTION ITEM: All Members

SIRENS PHASE TWO: Cal Gardner reported that the city had applied for a grant to cover the cost of the four new sirens, three of which would be in the 402 corridor. He also outlined a proposal that would see developers responsible for new siren costs in newly developed areas. He asked for a letter of support from the Board to the City in this regard.

At 3:25 p.m.