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CAER: Brian Hatfield
Ethyl: Leo Prout
St.Clair FD: Tom Boon
St. Clair FD: Roy Dewhurst
Lambton College: Patty McCabe
Bluewater Power: Clive Hamilton
Sun Canadian Pipe Line: Lee Schultz
Clean Harbors: Sharon Mooser
Dow: Doug Martin
Fire Marshall’s Office: Herb Clements
Hydro One: Eric Christiansen
Suncor Energy Products: George Hatfield
Sarnia Fire & Rescue: Richard Boyes
Sarnia Fire & Rescue: Gary Duffy
Lambton EMS: Kenneth Langlois
Procor: Richard Wolter
Shell: Hank Bonnet
Union Gas: John Card
Pt. Edward FD: Doug MacKenzie
BWBA: Joe Lopetrone
Procor: Michelle Bentley
Praxair: Gary Newman
Lambton EMS: Blake Smith
NOVA: Ron Lebel
Sarnia Police: Kathy Henderson
Lambton OPP: Paul Futers
Sarnia Police: Mike Sumner
Lambton County: Mark Wetering
Community Health Services: Mike Gariepy
Enbridge Pipeline: Rick Fournier

CALL TO ORDER: By the Chair Doug Martin at 1:05 p.m.

APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: Moved by Richard Boyes and seconded by Mike Sumner. Carried


New Manuals: Doug Martin reported that the printer needed to know how many extra copies would be required. B.Hatfield to send out e-mails to all reps. requesting this information.
ACTION ITEM : B.Hatfield

Code 8’s: Doug Martin reported that the word “unanticipated” was removed from this section of the manual.

TABLE TOP EXERCISE: A scene involving a transport truck and a vehicle on Hwy #40 south of Confederation line and north of Plank Road was reviewed by all present.


Security :
CVECO Manual Security: Dan Overy reported on the work of his committee and the compromise they reached. In response to concerns raised by Cal Gardner, the manual was removed from the public sector of the website and placed in the member’s only section. The committee recommended that the manual be reviewed by a special committee who would remove any “sensitive information “ that it contained and that the “ security edited” manual could be placed back in the public sector. It was decided that Cal Gardner chair and appoint members to this review committee. ACTION ITEM : Cal Gardner

Chief Richard Boyes reported on the proposed changes to the code 9’s. These changes came about as a result of work done on the Central Industrial Fire Station project, and are designed to decrease the amount of response time by Industrial responders of which there are six companies. The recommendations are as follows;

1) Code 9: This code remains unchanged and using it brings assistance.

2) Code 91:
This code allows for the incident commander of the initiating company to request a specific piece of industrial equipment from one of the responding companys who will dispatch this equipment upon hearing the code.

3) Code 92: This code will only be used when it is immediately apparent that all available equipment will be needed such as in the 1996 tank 11 fire. Upon hearing this code, all six responding company's will dispatch a vehicle and two firefighters to the initiating company. Chief Boyes stated that five of the six responding companies have agreed to this proposal.

RESPONSE REVIEW: George Hatfield reported that the number of codes year to date was 128 and that the complience rate was 96%. The most common errors were lack of information in some sections of the checklist and use of the old form. He reported that this would be his last report as he no longer had the time to devote to the committee due to increased regional responsibilities at his company. At this point the Chair rose to thank George for the great deal of time and effort he had given to the Response Review process and the many innovations and improvements he had instituted. George reported that Tom Cooper had agreed to Chair the committee.

TRAFFIC: In the absence of the chair there was no report.

PIPELINE: John Card reported that this group would hold a simulation on Sept th .

CLASSCO ( ALLPORT) DEVICE PROGRAM: The Chair reported in the absence of Cal Gardner that the pilot program was underway and appeared at this stage to be going well.

SADS UPDATE: Chief Doug McKenzie reported that the date would be Sunday September 22nd/2003.

NEW BUSINESS: Chief Richard Boyes introduced Gary Duffy who has been assigned to training and who would be working with John Kingyens. The Chief also announced that he would be recommending changes in the CVECO radio system to the working committee on June 19th.

THANK YOU LETTER: It was recommended and passed that a letter to Sgt. Vince George of the OPP be sent thanking him for his contributions to CVECO.
ACTION ITEM: D.Martin/B.Hatfield