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January 8th, 2003

Bayer: Walt Fraser
Bluewater Power: Clive Hamilton
BP Canada: Tracy Vanderheyden
CAER: Brian Hatfield
Chinook: Bob Patel
Dow: Doug Martin
Enbridge Pipeline Inc.: Glen Volrath
GATX Rail: Brian Davidson
Hydro One: Eric Christiansen
Imperial Oil: Tom Cooper
Lambton College: Dan Overy
Lambton College: Patty McCabe
Lambton County: Mark Wettering
Lambton EMS: Kenneth Langlois
Lambton EMS: Steve Vanvaulkenburh
Lambton OPP: Chris Avery
Marysville Underground Storage: Bill Mason
NOVA: Ron Lebel
Point Edward F.D.: Doug MacKenzie
Procor: Michelle Bentley
Procor: Ray Shannon
Royal Polymers: Gerry Pepper
Sarnia Fire & Rescue: Richard Boyes
Shell: Gary Bell
Shell: Geoff Clarke
St. Clair F.D.: Tom Boon
Suncor Energy Products Inc.: George Hatfield
Terra: William Deschamps
TransAlta: Bill Sisler
Transport Canada: Leah Quiring

Guest Speakers: RWDI: Dr. Anton E.Davis RWDI: Sarah J. Arulanandam

B.Hatfield introduced Dr. Davis who outlined the capabilities of RWDI Sarah Arulanandam then spoke about the Risk Group operations and demonstrated several modeling software programs they have in use.  This was followed by a question period.

Table Top Exercise: Glen Volrath of Enbridge designed the exercise involving a NGL leak from a pipeline on LaSalle Road. The exercise was conducted by George Hatfield of Suncor. This exercise offered several different challenges in that it occurred in area one but posed dangers in area two. It was a good exercise similar in some respects to last years real pipeline release Scenario for next meeting: .ACTION ITEM: Walt Fraser

Approval of Previous Minutes:
Moved by G.Hatfield & seconded by Walt Fraser that the previous minutes be adopted as written.

Committee Reports:

Fire: Chief Richard Boyes reported on the work of the committee and the posting in the members only section of the website.

Doug Martin reported on the many meetings and work on better street isolation and new CVECO boxes that will be erected this year.

Dan Overy reported that the Steering Committee had met to workout policy documents and alert notification for low flying aircraft etc. He emphasized the need for a spot in the new manual for security.

Dan also reported that Nova had erected their Sitewatch signs
. R.Lebel commented that anyone seeking information on making these signs to contact his office.

Financial Report: B.Hatfield reported a year end balance of $7,500.75. and that several member firms had already sent in their fees for 2003.

New Business:

1) Approved Charter & Bylaws:
After a discussion on members obligations, B.Hatfield pointed out that the Charter & Bylaws would be placed in the Members Only section of the website.

2) Emergency Passes:
It was pointed out by R.Lebel that new passes must be printed for 2003. It was determined that 1,000 would be sufficent.

3) Emergency Response Planning Committee:
George Hatfield stated that this committee should be taken off the list of standing committees as most of itís work was now performed by the fire committee. It could be activated again if required by the Fire Committee.

4) CVECO Checklist Changes: After discussion members were asked to send any suggestions they had for change of this document to B.Hatfield.

Adjournement: By the Vice Chairman D.Martin at 3:20 p.m.