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Bayer Inc. : Walt Fraser
Bluewater Power: Clive Hamilton
CAER: Brian Hatfield
City of Sarnia: Cal Gardner
Clean Harbors: Doug Babcock
Dow: Doug Martin
EMO: Steve Beatty
Ethyl: Leo Prout
Harmac Transportation: Randy Hurak
Hydro One: Eric Christiansen
Imperial Oil: Tom Cooper
Lambton County: Mark Wettering
Lambton OPP: Vince George
Marysville F.D.: Tom Konik
Nova: Justin Hagen
Nova: Ron Lebel
Praxair: Gary Newman
Procor: Michelle Bentley
Procor: Ray Shannon
Pt. Edward Fire & Rescue: Doug MacKenzie
Royal Polymers: Gerry Pepper
Sarnia Fire & Rescue: Bill Payne
Sarnia Fire & Rescue: John Kingyens
Shell Canada: Jeoff Clarke
St. Clair F.D. : Tom Boone
St.Clair F.D. : Roy Dewhurst
Suncor Energy Products: George Hatfield
TransAlta: Bill Sisler
Terra: William Deschamps

INTRODUCTIONS: Following lunch, for the benefit of new members present, the Chair initiated a round of introductions.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Moved by George Hatfield and seconded by Doug MacKenzie that the minutes br adopted as written. Carried

MANUAL OVERVIEW: Doug Martin stressed to everyone that they need to visit the website and reviewed each of the new sections of the manual. If they have any comments or concerns they must be forwarded to B.Hatfield at the office who will put them on the agenda of the CVECO Executive for consideration. Doug then projected the index of the manual and explained the structure and purpose. It was a good lesson on how to “navigate “ the manual. ACTION ITEM: All Members by Feb. 20th

MANUAL BINDERS & TABS: Doug Martin explained the decision of the Executive Committee to provide one complete manual to each member company. Any additional copies will be the responsibility of that company. It was pointed out that it was critical to the integrity of the manual that the same colored tabs be used and members were advised to obtain these from the printer.( Yet to be determined) D.Martin will obtain quotes for the Executive Committee. Moved by George Hatfield and Seconded by Ron Lebel that this method be adopted. Carried. ACTION ITEM: D.Martin by April 9th

COMMAND VESTS: Doug Martin explained the Fire Sub Committees decision on vests used during an incident. Incident Command will be white, Sectors will be Red and Safety will be Blue. Motion put forward for the identification of a single source supplier from whom members could obtain their required numbers. Moved by Leo Prout and seconded by George Hatfield…… Carried. ACTION ITEM: R.Lebel by April 9th

CVECO CHECKLIST & CODE 8 CHANGES: George Hatfield projected the changes to the checklist and the reasons behind them. He then went through the form section by section for each possible code situation. He then outlined the decision to institute the change to a Code 8. This change will involve the addition of an Information Code 8 as well as the normal Code 8. He explained the rationale behind this decision of the Executive Committee as follows;

1) If an incident is not noticable in any manner outside of your plant gates, it is not a  code 8. It may well require reporting to other agencies, but not to CVECO through the code system. 2) If the incident is noticable, was not anticipated and could escalate, It is a Emergency

Code 8 3) If the incident is noticable, was not anticipated but will not escalate It is an Information Code 8. Typical example would be exess or smoking flare.

NOTE: Read Section 8 of the new manual for full descriptions of the code 8 and the Information Code 8. Samples of checklists for these codes can be found in Appendix F of the new manual. ACTION ITEM: All Members by April 9th

George went on to explain that any Code 8 will be rebroadcast on the CVECO radio but an information code 8 will not be rebroadcast. This will eliminate volunteer fire brigades from being paged when there is no potential turnout required. Chiefs of these brigades will however be notified. A lengthy discussion ensued for clarification purposes. It was stressed that once these changes are approved, it is up to each plant to develop it’s own SOP”s based on manual protocols for each of the codes. Bill Payne outlined the path these changes took through the CVECO organization.

George Hatfield showed the new objective grading system for the review of all checklists, It has been utilized in the January 2003 review session and has proved to be simpler, more objective and more consistent than previous methods. He then showed a summary of the January codes which showed a distinct rise in the complience rate. George put forward a motion that this system be adopted, It was seconded by Tom Cooper and Carried .

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS: Bill Payne outlined the recent committee decision to appoint ( up to a maximum of two each ) Municipal and Industrial Advisors to balance committee membership and to maintain long standing expertise on both sides. It was moved by Tom Boone and seconded by Doug Babcock that this action be approved. Carried

BILL 148 Steve Beatty explained Bill 148 and reviewed its requirements and the responsibilities connected to it. He outlined all of the training required and courses being offered, and who should be attending. He explained the risk analysis and approval process, and the formation of community committees. He cautioned that each municipality must do this independently. A lengthy discussion for clarification purposes folowed. For further information contact EMO. A copy of Bill 148 is attached to these minutes.

INDUSTRY CANADA CONTRACT: Cal Gardner gave a brief overview of the progress made in the pilot program for testing the “Allport Device”. Approval and funding has been given to the sum of $187,000 to test 400 units in the south of Sarnia, Aamjiwnaang, and Corunna. To do so they have entered into a contract ( which Cal will manage) with the City who in turn have contracted with Bell Canada who will perform the majority of testing required. He then answered questions from the floor.

APRIL 9TH, TABLE TOP SCENARIO: This was volunteered by Harmac Transportation, our newest member. ACTION ITEM: Randy Hurak by April 9th

MOTION TO ADJOURNE: By Cal Gardner, seconded by Ron Lebel at 3:00 p.m.