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Guest: Mike Vasy: Spectrum Communications

CALL TO ORDER: By the Chair at 1:05 p.m.

APPROVAL OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: Moved by D.McKenzie and seconded by G.Hatfield that the minutes be adopted as written.


Manual Binders & Tabs: Doug Martin outlined the program and the fact that each member firm would receive one complete copy and that all additional binders and tabs would be purchased at cost through the CAER office.

Command Vests: Doug Martin outlined the program and told the membership that these vests as outlined in section 11 can now be ordered through Ranson Industrial & Safety Supplies.

Randy Hurak of Harmac Transport presented a scenario of a truck incident leaking in a plant situation. It provided good discussion and provided, as planned, an opportunity for review of proper protocol for all members. Next scenario to be provided by Richard Boyes.

Mike Vasey of Spectrum Communications gave a demonstration of encryption and discussed the pros and cons of doing so. His main point was that the cost of doing so would vary tremendously because of the wide variety of old and new radio systems in use by the membership. Costs could range from $200.00 to several thousand dollars per radio. He explained that if your radio is within 5 years of age it will accept the digital encryption board, if over ten years of age, the radio may have to be replaced. D.Martin asked if a committee should be formed to examine the issue and was told that this was being looked at by the Working Committee.


Fire: Doug Martin reported on the meeting held at Royal Polymers which finalized the vests and the PAR Boards. He stated that companies needing these boards should send in their logos to John Kingyens at Sarnia F.D. so that the total requirements can be estimated and costs determined. An incident management training program designed by George Hatfield of Suncor was emailed to members of the Fire sub-committee with the minutes and this will also be placed in a “Training Aids File” in the members only section of the website.
ACTION ITEM: George Hatfield

SADS 2003:
Doug McKenzie outlined the fact that both Pt. Edward FD and the BWBA have addressed this exercise and that a final date would be determined within the next two weeks. Doug stressed that the exercise would indeed be a major one and that part of it would actually involve the shutting down of one of the bridges.

George Hatfield explained the recent meeting and its results. He handed out copies of the RRC’s monthly reviews for the y-t-d in 2003. These can also be found in the members only section of the web site.

PIPELINE: John Card of Union Gas ( Chairman) outlined the changes in the committee’s operation and the deficiencies noted in members knowledge of CVECO protocols. These came to light in the first table top exercise held at a previous committee meeting and subsequent meetings will, like the General Meeting, hold table tops and subsequent training sessions for the members. He stated that BP Canada will host the field simulation this year for the committee on September 16th.

TRAFFIC: No report

SECURITY: No report

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS WEEK: B.Hatfield reported on the activity of this committee to date. He stated that plans were well underway and that the event will take place on May 7th at the Clearwater Arena and the adjacent Wellington Street Fire hall grounds. School children in grades 7-8 would be bussed in at CAER’s expense and that a great deal of activity has been planned and being organized by the committee. The financial implication for CAER is that after consideration of bus costs, advertising and provision of prizes is about $2000.00.

Cal Gardner reported on EMO courses. Emergency Management will be holding an exercise design course October 21st-23rd for those participants who have already taken the Basic Emergency Management course ( BEM ) The course is free and will be certified. The courses in October will be held at the Clearwater lower room starting at 0800 till 1700 each day. The courses provide instructions on how to set up an emergency exercise ( field/paper/table top/ technical exercise) The courses are offered throughout Ontario A number of municipal and plant personnel have the B.E.M. course and the public relations course. See your local Community Emergency Management Coordinator for applications. Roy Dewhurst St. Clair / Doug McKenzie Point Edward / Cal Gardner for Sarnia.

CVECO MANUAL: Doug Martin spoke to the need for ownership of each section of the manual to ensure that current and pertinent information is there. A training program on how to make changes to the manual has been developed by G.Hatfield and will be placed in the members only section. This training program will be in Microsoft Word and will allow people to specify the exact change they are applying for, it will forward this to the CAER Administrator who will have it considered by the CVECO Executive who consider and approve all changes. A brief and simple training package on how to read and find information in the manual will be constructed by D.Martin. J.Hagan referred to Nova’s similar program for their manuals.


Manual Security: Cal Gardner informed the group of his concerns for security because of the manual being in the public domain of the web site. He was reminded of the fact that the information he was concerned about had been on the public sector of the site for over three years. George Hatfield asked Cal to list his concerns in a communication to the CVECO Executive who would relay these to the security sub committee.

Hank Bonnet raised the issue that there needs to be a procedure ( as there was in the old manual ) on how to deal with an anticipated noticeable occurrence. After some discussion, it was agreed that Hank would be invited to the next CVECO Executive meeting to present his concerns.

MOTION TO ADJOURN by Leo Prout, seconded by D.Mckenzie, carried