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Community Awareness Committee Meeting Minutes

November 19, 2021

  • Gordon Wilson Ethyl

  • Heather Cooper Shell

  • Bryan Schairer Basell

  • Janet Maaten Imperial

  • Mimi Long Dow

  • Chris Powell St. Clair Catholic School Board

  • Brian Hatfield Caer

  • Sharon Mooser Clean Harbours

  • Wendy Pitvor Lambton Kent District School Board

  • Gwen Hess Caer

Call to order at 1:35 P.M.

Approval of Minutes Motion: Wendy Pitvor. Seconded: Chris Powell. Motion carried

Business Arising:

1) Communication Plan: Kirk Bailey and Steve Bolt have a copy of the Communications Plan to review. Brian Hatfield will contact them for comment. Action Item: B. Hatfield

2) Emergency Management Act: Mark Wetering has been meeting with other municipal and county members to co-ordinate plans. Deadline for first level has been extended to Dec.31/04.

3)Classco Device(Allport) Pilot Program has been completed. Surveys were distrubuted and Cal Gardner is awaiting the return of all completed surveys.

4) SADS report: Brian Hatfield reported the SADS exercise was a great success. The website carries the full report with photos. Brian described scenario and gave brief report on procedures.

5) Brian Hatfield reported that the Community Report was due for delivery to distribution points on November 20/03 and will be available on-line by November 30/03

6) School Board Emergency Plan: Chris Powell presented the Emergency Response Information Kit that has been distributed to all St. Clair Catholic School Board Schools. The Kit contains Videos, posters, quick- reference code system, and a CD database program enabling principals to customize the plan to their school.


New Business: Heather Cooper reported a problem with security on the memberís only section of the CAER web-site. Brian Hatfield will contact Ken Hall to investigate solutions to maintain security.

Action Item: B. Hatfield

Goals: Goals for 2004 will be extracted from a completed Communication Plan.

Action Item: Heather Cooper

Elections for officers for 2004: Chris Powell as Chair

Mimi Long as Vice-Chair

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 P.M.