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Community Awareness Committee Meeting Minutes
March 10, 2022

Sharon Mooser, Clean Harbors
Mimi Long, Dow
Wendy Pitvor, Lambton Kent District School Board
Bernie Taylor, Bayer Polymers
Chris Powell, St. Clair District Catholic School Board
Gord Wilson, Ethyl
Heather Cooper, Shell
Bryan Schairer, Basell
Erin McNaughton, Bayer Polymers
Gwen Hess, CAER
Brian Hatfield, CAER

Regrets: Janet Maaten, Jo Ann Brown, Sally Teakle and Mark Wetering

Meeting called to order by Chair Chris Powell at 2:30

Welcome Wagon – Sarnia Office : Alma Wigle and Marilyn Rough gave a presentation. Welcome Wagon promotes CAER by including our Personal Action Guide in each gift package presented. In 2003 Welcome Wagon visited 600 homes, made 400 baby visits, 100 business calls and 50 new business calls. The exposure CAER gets from this type of marketing is invaluable and the committee expresses it’s appreciation to Sarnia Welcome Wagon for all of their dedication in promoting local businesses and associations. A request was made by Marilyn Rough to supply Welcome Wagon with the CAER newsletter for distribution. Chris Powell agreed that this would be a great benefit as well as offering to include Welcome Wagon on the CAER web-site as a Community Partner.

Approval of Previous Minutes Motioned, seconded and passed

Business Arising:

Web-site/Newsletter Sub-committee Report: Chris Powell made a power point presentation of the proposed interface and content revisions to the CAER web-site. The sub-committee interviewed several developers and supported the best candidate, Steve Muinda for the job. Development will commence as soon as a contract agreement is ready. Bottom-line price on the new web-site is $4390.00, which includes a contact management system (Code4Design) and instructions for Gwen Hess to maintain it. Both CAER and CVECO will provide content. Each Company will be asked for a one-page introduction to their facility to promote public relations. A proposal to accept the changes was made by Chris Powell. Wendy Pitvor motioned and Gord Wilson seconded to accept the proposal.

Because of the time factor on the web-site there was nothing to report on the Newsletter and it is unlikely that we will meet the deadline for a Spring/Summer issue. A summer issue was proposed and it was agreed by all that this new time frame could be met.

The Emergency Preparedness Week Sub-committee has not had an opportunity to meet as yet. The week of May 2-8 is Emergency Preparedness Week and the committee is looking for input from CVECO for ideas. This will have to get underway quickly and is on the Agenda for the CVECO Executive meeting scheduled for March 23.

911 Update: CAER received letters from both the County and Sarnia Police Chief O’Brien’s offices. Mark Wetering confirmed that the County has awarded the 911 call-taking contract to the OPP. After the switchover (which could be as early as May 1, 2022) County 911 calls will be forwarded to the OPP’s Communications Centre in North Bay, which will then forward the calls to the appropriate local communications centre for dispatch.

Chief O’Brien’s letter stated that it is the City of Sarnia’s intention to withdraw from the Lambton County 911 call-taking contract with the OPP. The City of Sarnia will continue to provide its own 911 call taking and dispatch services from the Sarnia Police Headquarters. Chief O’Brien has assured CAER that the present practice of call taking and dispatching in CVECO related emergencies that is presently in place will continue and no changes are, or ever have been planned.

Phase II Sirens and Classco Device: After meeting with the Emergency Planning committee Gwen Hess reported that City Council has not approved the money in this year’s budget for either project, postponing them indefinitely.

Advertising Campaign: Several committee members have submitted advertising ideas.

Sharon Mooser – Flag or Banner that industry members could place on their lawns indicating they are CAER/CVECO members. Banners inside buses at a cost of $12.00/month for an 11X35 sign less 10% discount. Sharon followed up by reporting that the banner for the outside of the buses would be 21X70 banner for 1-3 months $200.00, 21X70 banner for 6 months $150, 21X70 banner for 12-24 months $175.

Mime Long– CAER logo put on rink boards at Clearwater and Sarnia Arenas and possibly Mooretown arena as well. It would be free as a community outreach/safety effort and CAER would only have to provide the lettering.

Heather Cooper – Advertising at the Moore Sports complex, 1yr Arena board 4X8 $325, 3 yr. Arena board 4X8 $875, 1 yr. Arena wall 4X8 $250, 3yr. Arena wall 4X8 $675

Janet Maaten – TV6 to run CAER video or ad, Radio Ads – concentrate ads during events such as emergency preparedness week etc. (Brian Hatfield has already sent TV6 a CAER tape, which they have not played yet. Gwen Hess called and left a message requesting a call back. Will keep you updated.) Human-interest stories for newspapers, profiling a person in the community who has used and been helped by the Personal Action Guide. Consider the weekly papers such as Sarnia this Week, Petrolia Topic etc. Rates for business card size ads are in the $50 range. Publish the annual review of accomplishments, as a one-page ad in the Observer (could be quite costly.)

Jo Ann Brown – CHOK 11 News – Nova already sponsors awareness spots for non-profits, so I can ask them to profile CAER throughout the year. Ask the Y to put up a banner.

Chris Powell – CAER could become a corporate sponsor for a Sting game. For approximately $1500 per game CAER would be announced over the PA system, video advertising on the big screen, a delegate to drop the face-off puck, use of a corporate suite, a table set up at the main entrance for information, prizes, merchandise and access to a large group of tickets at reduced rates.

With the amount of work to be done on the web-site, newsletter and emergency preparedness week, it was decided to discuss an aggressive marketing campaign at a later date.

No New Business

Motion to Adjourn Sharon Mooser, Seconded Heather Cooper

Adjourned 3:50 P.M.

Next CAC Meeting May 5, 2022 2:30 P.M.