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Metting Minutes, March 19th, 2003


Bayer: Erin McNaughton
Basell: B.Schairer
City of Sarnia: Cal Gardner
Dow: Mimi Long
Ethyl Corp. : Gord Wilson
Imperial Oil: Janet Maaten
Lambton County: Mark Wetering
Lambton Kent School Board: Wendy Pitvor
Nova Chemicals: Jo Ann Brown
Shell: Heather Cooper

Regrets: Sally Teakle , Les Frazyk

Call to Order: At 1;35p.m. by the Chairman, Gord Wilson

Adoption of previous Minutes: Motion by M.Long Seconded by M.Wetering,

Membership Fees:
B.Hatfield updated the committee on the work done by Archie Kerr and himself. He showed a breakdown of the member companies, their size, potential requirements for mutual aid, their history of providing members for committees ( sweat equity) and those that did not take any active role. He pointed out that this was just their first attempt at studying the situation in an attempt to have a more equitable fee structure for both CAER and CVECO. Much more work to follow on this item.
ACTION ITEM: A.Kerr/B.Hatfield

Allport Device:
Cal Gardner updated the committee on the contractual differences between Bell and the City. He stated that there would be a press release with the manufacturer when the detail is completed.

Bill 148 Update:
M.Wetering gave a general overview of this billís requirements for municipalities. He spoke about the need for each municipality to have a plan, a person to serve as coordinator and the need for public education. He outlined the three levels of complience and the need to have sign off by each mayor and coordinator. He stressed that this will create a lot of work and that municipalities will have from April 15/03 till April 15/04 to implement.

CAER Conmmunity Report:
B.Hatfield stated that the feature story would be the Allport device and that he expected the issue to be out and distributed in the 3rd week of April.

Personal Action Guide:
B.Hatfield stated that this document was being updated to include the sirens and to make it more functional. He hoped it would be printed and on the website before the end of April.

Communications Plan:
Gord Wilson outlined the Boards request for this item. Discussionb followed as to what it should consist of and it was felt that a sub committee , containing some Working Committee members, should be struck to assemble this plan. H.Cooper, M.Long, A.Kerr, D.Martin, M.Wetering under the Chairmanship of Gord Wilson will form this sub committee. P.St.George and K.Bailey will sit as Board representatives on this sub committee. April 23rd and May 21st were suggested meeting dates.


Meeting Adjourned at 2:50 p.m.