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Community Awareness Committee Meeting Minutes

January 7, 2022

  • Chris Powell St. Clair Catholic School Board
  • Mimi Long Dow Canada
  • Gord Wilson Ethyl Canada
  • Heather Cooper Shell
  • Wendy Pitvor Lambton Kent District School Board
  • Janet Maaten Imperial Oil
  • Bryan Schairer Basell
  • Mark Wetering Lambton County
  • Sharon Mooser Clean Harbours
  • JoAnn Brown Nova Chemicals
  • Cal Gardner City of Sarnia
  • Brian Hatfield CAER
  • Gwen Hess CAER
  • Regrets: Erin McNaughton Bayer Polymer

    Call to order at 1:32

    Introductions all round

    Approval of minutes Motion: Heather Cooper, seconded: Mimi Long. Motion carried.

    Business Arising:

    1) Communications Plan: Has been completed and will be submitted to the CAER Board at the January 15, 2022 meeting for approval.

    2) Newsletter/Website: Several ideas were discussed for the content of future newsletters. It was decided that 2 issues per year would be circulated, a Spring/Summer issue and a Fall/Winter issue. Improvements to the CAER website were also discussed and a decision to update and improve content was made. A meeting with Ken Hall will be arranged to determine technical needs.

    A sub-committee was set up to reformat and reorganize the publication and web-site. Sub-committee members are Mimi Long, Chris Powell, JoAnn Brown, and Heather Cooper. Action Item B.H. (contact Ken Hall)

    3) Advertising: A concern that the community should be made more aware of CAER and its value to the public was brought up and several ideas for "affordable" advertising were discussed. Please submit your ideas for advertising to the CAER office by e-mailing Gwen at [email protected].

    4) Emergency Preparedness Week: A sub committee was set up to prepare and plan for the Emergency Preparedness Week in 2004. Sub committee members are: Cal Gardner, Wendy Pitvor, Mark Wetering, and Gord Wilson. One other member from industry is needed to sit on this sub committee. Action Item B.H. (to canvas industry for member)

    New Business:

    1)911 Heather Cooper asked Cal Gardner if there was any information he could give the CAC regarding plans for the 911 call taking in the City of Sarnia and the County of Lambton. There was none available at this time. Council will be having an internal meeting on the 911 issue Tuesday, January 13, 2004.

    2) Rescheduling CAC Meetings: Wendy Pitvor proposed a time change for the CAC meetings from 1:30 to 2:30 P.M. Committee agreed unanimously for the time change. Please make a note that future CAC meetings will commence at 2:30 P.M.

    3)Classco Device: Cal Gardner brought the committee up to date on the classco device and Bell Canada’s intentions for possible use in Sarnia. A meeting with Bell Canada and City council will be set up later this month to discuss proposals.

    Meeting adjourned at 3:10 P.M.