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Meeting Minutes, January, 15th, 2003


Bayer: Erin McNaughton
CAER: Brian Hatfield
City of Sarnia: Cal Gardner
Clean Harbors: Sharon Mooser
County of Lambton: Mark Wetering
Dow : Mimi Long
Dupont: B.Mumberson
Ethyl : Gord Wilson
Imperial Oil: Janet Maaten
Nova : Jo Ann Brown
Shell: Heather Cooper

Round of Introductions: The new Chairman, Gord Wilson, of Ethyl called the meeting to order at 1:35 p.m.

Adoption of Previous Minutes:
As these had not been sent out, B.Hatfield to send out the November/02 minutes along with minutes of this meeting.

Business Arising

CAER vs CVECO membership.
Discussion centered on the number of large companies who have only taken out a CVECO membership, yet benefit from CAER initiatives. The discussion concluded with an agreement that there was a need for defined membership criteria which when developed become part of the constitution & Bylaws.
ACTION ITEM: B.Hatfield/A.Kerr

Allport Pilot Program:
Cal Gardner reported on the success of the submission to Industry Canada and the drawing up of contracts with Industry Canada and the City and between the City and Bell. Cal reviewed the CAC commitment for conducting the survey and carrying out the reporting aspects of this pilot project. Following a lengthy discussion on the purpose of the test and the unit’s capabilities, the Chairman struck a sub committee, chaired by Cal Gardner and consisting of; Mimi Long, Sharon Mooser, Mark Wetering and Heather Cooper to begin work of this part of the project. It was agreed that CVECO would be reponsible for the distribution of the units (400) ACTION ITEM: Cal Gardner It was agreed to post the Industry Canada proposal in the members only section of the website.

Bill 148 Update: Cal Gardner explained the many requirements of this bill and the many potential problems it is creating for smaller communities. Mark Wetering explained how the Bill will impact on the County and both Mark & Cal elaborated on possible ways in which the Legislation can be effectively met. It will be proclaimed on April 4th, 2003 After much discussion it was generally concluded that this could be a window of opportunity to try and change the perception that CAER is strictly industry driven and do so in a cooperative fashion.

CAER Newsletter: Brian Hatfield asked for an article for the Community Report from our new Chairman and also a picture for inclusion with it.
ACTION ITEM: Gord Wilson

Financial Report:
Brian Hatfield reported that the balance at Dec. 31st was $7,500.75 that this amount included unspent CAC funds for an “Officials Breakfast” or similar event.

New Business

Media Passes: Cal Gardner asked the committee to review this subject in the CVECO manual as there appeared to be confusion over their issue and purpose.


Meeting Adjourned at 3.25 p.m.