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CAER Communication Plan – latest update December 2003

Issue: to review and document present communication means and messages, update key messages and activities, identify gaps and plan future calendar of events and tactics

Key messages: Community Awareness and Emergency Response – CAER CVECO messages
Prevention, Preparedness and Response
¨ Industries and Municipalities Working Together
¨ Committed to improve and ensure the safety of our community
¨ Keeping the Community Informed
¨ A Prepared Home is a Safe Home
¨ Shelter in Place = Go Indoors



Means - present

Gaps/Comments/Future tactics

Cost and Resources

Community - Residents
City of Sarnia
St Clair
S-L County
St Clair County USA

Municipal Leaders

CAER groups
L/K School Board
Separate School Board
Municipal responders
Industry employees

Hospitals Group

Industry CAP’s






Welcome Wagon

Chamber of Commerce



Newsletter - CAER Community Report









Personal Action Guide



CVECO drills




EP week open house/displays



Press releases



Speaking Opportunities








Develop Communication Plans for Special reports/info



CVECO - Quarterly breakdown of incidents by month and YTD

FM radio

Billboard on highways

2 issues per year -


13 hits per day,18024 in 3.5 yrs.
one time=75%, 8+= 21%
Has all key messages



Updated Q4 2002 – All nursing homes, Sarnia Library, School Boards




New guide updated Q2 2003
CAER distribution during EP display held May 7,2022
IOL distribution to neighbours
Distributed by Welcome Wagon.

Date: Sept. 2003




Date: May 7, 2022

Clearwater arena, few public, grades 7&8, some displays updated, PAG contest

Power Outage press release
Allport device press release
Communications Task Force Press Conference and release – May 2003

Times Herald – Port Huron
Brantford CAER, Sarnia Seaway Kiwanis, Sarnia PMA, Port Hope
CAER, Point Edward F.D, Thompson Gardens, Residence on the St.Clair, Dow CAP


Bluewater Business Quarterly articles,
CAER open house invite Ad, Allport Ad, sponsorship of community events, Pee Wee Hockey Team. Ads in Crime Watch and Firefighters magazines, Sponsorship of Radio Safety Campaigns.


New siren campaign 2002,

Allport device 2003




Information prepared for board meeting.





1, more emphasis on key messages as developed,
2. subcommittee for edit/message content

1. add press releases to website,
2. increase use among members,
3. how effective?, measure through community survey? New logo?


Opportunities: present video on Cogeco Channel six
2. make available to Chamber of Commerce - local business plans.
3 NEW small -business oriented Video - engage businesses to train employees " you are responsible for your employees"- know what to do in an emergency.
Take CAER of you and your family

Increase use by public.
PAG contest at EP display not effective
1. Get buy in from teachers to have in-school contest.
2. Prepare a tool kit like school boards have done
3. Public survey concerning home emergency response plans is needed

CVECO practices yearly, Community should practice yearly – Tornado anniversary date?

Develop a community response drill, exercise (Shelter in place drill how to evaluate?)

The event shows community we have equipment, we have partnership, but doesn’t get key shelter in place messages widely distributed. Attendance limited

Keep an up to date scrapbook of CAER events, communications, press, etc.


These have been to inform of our activities and to alert people to what we are developing; ie: Allport device, FM radio station etc



Investigate free, regular, advertising in Observer/ Sarnia this Week/ Beacon every edition, Saturdays Community page, possible use of calendar (B.Schairer). Reactivate bus campaign

Investigate Other groups / means we should be engaged in, e.g. Tourism booth, tie to United Way, Inserts in Water Bills, Celebration of lights, electronic sign with running message at Bluewater Bridge,

Banners with simple messages at arenas – " Shelter in Place = Go indoors"

Send info to Municipal officials on three councils after each board meeting


develop dedicated FM station broadcast of CAER messages during an emergency 106.3 fm Proposal "Tune to FM radio for emergency info"

28,000 copies- at cost of $ $6.2K/issue for print and delivery
Distributed by Sarnia This Week - Sarnia/PtEdward & Girl Guides - Corunna area.

Ken Hall is Website manager,


Cost?  $10K









large CVECO partners commitment required



large CVECO partners commitment required










2002 $11K












Format being developed.