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Meeting - April 23, 2003 

Basell: B.Schairer
City of Sarnia: Cal Gardner
Ethyl Corp : Gord Wilson
Imperial Oil: Janet Maaten
Lambton Kent School Board: Wendy Pitvor
Shell: Heather Cooper
Clean Harbors: Ken Hall

Regrets: Brian Hatfield at Incident Review meeting re: valley wide power outage

Call to Order: At 1:35p.m. by the Chairman Gord Wilson

No issues with previous minutes – These have been posted on the members only area of CAER website

Allport Device: Cal Gardner quickly updated the committee on the status of the Allport device program for Sarnia Lambton. Left for the power outage incident review meeting

Bill 148 Update: It was agreed to discuss Bill 148 at the next CAC meeting

CAER Community Report: Gord Wilson – Newsletter will be available Friday, 25th and distributed with Sarnia This Week, Wednesday, April 30th.

Personal Action Guide: Gord Wilson – The new Personal Action Guide has been completed and is ready for print. It is also available on the CAER website. 1200 copies will be available for Emergency Preparedness Week and the May 7th open house at the Clearwater Arena. J Maaten stated that IOL will be sending a PAG, and letter to near neighbours

EP week – an email from Archie Kerr and Brian Hatfield to update participants of EP open house May 7th has been delayed due to power outage events. Gord stated that plans are coming together

Communications Plan: Gord Wilson outlined the Boards request for this item. A meeting will be arranged with the previously selected CAER subcommittee of H.Cooper, M.Long, A.Kerr, D.Martin, M.Wetering, G.Wilson, P.St.George and K.Bailey.

Other issues and items discussed

Wendy Pitvor provided feedback with respect to school board planning of EP week and participating students. There is a need for more clearly defined arena capacity, age groups and participating schools from CAER There is positive support at the board level, but timing, provincial testing, etc, created a much larger workload for the board’s Community Partnership Officer than was anticipated.

CAER display will include: PAG, Sirens, Shelter in Place information

A flare information display was discussed: Action Janet and Heather

It was made clear by committee member comments and feedback that CAER awareness and education needs to be “beefed up” to public.

Suggested and agreed: create a half-page Observer Ad with invitation to EP open house, include siren information. –point out community attitude problem??

Action K.Hall, J.Maaten, H.Cooper

Suggested: an outside agency put together a survey for community. To be discussed at the Communication Plan level.

Heightened focus on communication is needed for the next SADS exercise.

Action B.Hatfield

Meeting Adjourned at approximately 3:00 p.m.