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Bayer : Archie Kerr
CAER : Brian Hatfield
City of Sarnia : Mike Bradley
County of Lambton : Pat Davidson
Dow : Steve Bolt
Steve Beatty: Emergency Management Ontario  
Nova : Martin Bruce
Shell Canada: Peter St. George

St. Clair Townships: Joe Dedecker
Sunoco : George Hatfield
Sunoco : Kirk Bailey

Village of Point Edward : Doug McKenzie

Regrets: Tom Streifler , Warren Burton , Ron Huizinga, Glen Sonier

CALL TO ORDER: By the Chair, Joe Dedecker at 9:35 a.m.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Moved by Mike Bradley, seconded by Steve Bolt Minutes adopted as written. Correction to the attendance: Chief Phil Maness was in attendance at the July 22nd meeting.


Training Confirmation Letter: Brian Hatfield reported that the CAER office sent out letters to all CVECO members and that to date six had been signed and returned. He will forward reminders to the remainder. ACTION ITEM: B.H.

Response Review Statistics: George Hatfield outlined the purpose of his Y-T-D report, (Copy attached to Minutes). He also explained the formula used to calculate compliance with the protocol of the CVECO Checklist. He outlined the most common mistakes made. A great deal of discussion ensued on the meaning of the codes and most importantly, because of the public’s lack of knowledge concerning the codes, what would be the best way of communicating this kind of information to the public. It was generally agreed that it was better to communicate the situations rather than the codes because of this lack of code knowledge. It was felt that the CAC undertake a public communication program which centers on the actions required by the public rather than the codes.i.e: Shelter in Place, Evacuation and the importance of listening to the local radio for specific instructions. A delegation from the CAC accompanied by a CVECO Representative, should meet with the Radio and the Press to educate them in this regard. It was suggested that a formal agreement be drawn up containing a formal protocol.

Discussion continued as to the best method of communicating this type of information to the public. Peter St.George suggested an annual report similar to the one issued by SLEA. Steve Bolt suggested that during Fire protection Week, a printed article in the press include the Response Review Committee’s summary with explanations. Steve Beatty suggested that National Emergency Preparedness Week in May was another means of publicizing this type of information. Steve Bolt requested that the CAC propose a broad scope communications program to the Board and that it was essential that some Board members assist in the construction of this program submission. Kirk Bailey of Sunoco and Peter St.George of Shell stated that they would be willing to assist the CAC in this project.

 ACTION ITEM: H.Cooper/P.St.George/K.Bailey


B.Hatfield outlined the purpose and scope of the proposal. He stated that the deadline for submission had been extended from October 30th to November 30th. He reviewed the meeting held in Sarnia with Industry Canada and relayed their request for a proposal which highlighted the uniqueness of Sarnia’s public notification efforts to date. Guidelines were said to be forthcoming, but as yet, none have surfaced. Cal Gardner was requested to contact Industry Canada and request these guidelines ASAP. In the meantime, Use of the JEP proposal guidelines was suggested in an effort to be ready for the deadline. It was felt that this type of proposal could be adjusted when the guidelines do arrive. Warden Davidson emphasized the involvement of Roger Galloway in these efforts. Archie Kerr suggested that Peter Forristal, former committee member is now on loan from Imperial Oil to Industry Canada might be able to help obtain these guidelines quickly. He will forward Peter’s phone number to the Caer office as soon as possible. b.Hatfield reported that Cal Gardner, Mark Wettering and himself had been working on the proposal. Martin Bruce will assist this group in the preparation.
ACTION ITEM: A.Kerr/ C.Gardner/ M.Bruce/ B.Hatfield


Bluewater CAP Involvement in Response review Committee.

Martin Bruce explained the fact that some members of this CAP had asked that they become part of this review process. A discussion ensued highlighting the positive aspects of such participation and trying to determine if it might effect committee discussion with private citizens in attendance. The general feeling was that it would be positive. Martin Bruce stated that he would defer a decision until after the early November CAP orientations and visioning session to further define their involvement.

Financial Report: B.Hatfield distributed the report and highlighted the fact that there would be a minimum balance at year’s end. It was noted that two non committed items a) Reprinting of the PAG and b) Recognition Night should be carried over to 2003. It was noted that a proposed budget had been constructed for 2003 and that Martin Bruce would work with B.Hatfield to get this proposed budget out to the Industrial Members of the Board so that invoicing could be carried out as soon as possible.

ACTION ITEM: M.Bruce/B.Hatfield