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Bayer: Archie Kerr
CAER: Brian Hatfield
City of Port Huron: Robert Eick
City of Sarnia: Cal Gardner
City of Sarnia: Mike Bradley
County of Lambton: Mark Wetering
County of Lambton: Todd Case
Dow Chemical: Mike Gillis
Imperial Oil: Tom Cooper
Imperial Oil: Warren Burton
Nova Chemicals: Tom Strifler
St.Clair Townships: Joe Dedecker
Village of Point Edward: Dick Kirkland
Village of Point Edward: Doug McKenzie

Regrets: Peter St.George ( Shell ), Phil Maness ( Aamjiwnaang )

CALL TO ORDER: By the Chair, Tom Strifler at 9:45 a.m. who called for a round of self introductions for the representative of Port Huron, Robert Eick.

ADOPTION OF PREVIOUS MINUTES: It was moved by Joe Dedecker and seconded by Warren Burton that the minutes of the April 22nd meeting be adopted. Carried.


Communications Plan: B.Hatfield informed the Board that there had been quite a bit of work done by the CAC and distributed copies of the draft plan. He stated that a meeting was scheduled for this week and that the plan would be ready for review by Peter St.George and Kirk Bailey before the next Board meeting.

Allport Device Update: Cal Gardner informed the group of the tests conducted to date and remarked that the small number of failures was due in large measure to cell phones and pagers not being worn. He expected that the survey would be sent out by Bell very soon, possibly this week. He reported that the software was hard to work with but expected improvements in this area. All in all the pilot program is on schedule and successful to this point.

Central Industrial Fire Department.:Archie Kerr reported that the cost of this was prohibitive . To improve response time, the CVECO committee proposed creating two sub codes of a code 9. 1) Code 91: Originator/ Incident Commander, requests a specific piece of  equipment from a specific responder company. 2) Code 92: This is a major request for help and all six responder companies would respond with a vehicle and two firefighters.

rchie pointed out that all Managers of the six responding companies will be asked for their approval of this proposal. After discussion it was determined that the cost sharing formula will have to be worked out for this proposal.
ACTION ITEM: Fire Subcommittee

Communications Report:
Archie Kerr outlined the history of this AdHoc Committee and it’s work following the April 14th power outage. He distributed copies of the final report and reviewed all action items. He stated that these would be tracked by the Working Committee and that they would all be complete by year end. ( copy attached to these minutes )

Endorsement letter; Archie Kerr reviewed the purpose which was to favor all future developers to include the costs of a new siren/s if required. Mark Wetering gave an overview of the developmental process. It was pointed out that the cost of a new siren is close to $30,000 dollars. Archie stated that the letter will go out on letterhead this week. B.Hatfield to issue a status e-mail to Board members when complete.

FM   Station for Community Emergency Information: Brian Hatfield outlined the purpose of the proposal and the work done to date. He showed a Power Point presentation put together by Brian Hinz the Technical Manager for radio Sarnia Lambton. (attached to these minutes). This prompted a general discussion which concluded with several recommendations; 1) Explore the possibility of paying the radio station for coverage commencing at the start of the event and concluding with the “all clear”. 2) Identify the costs in the event of an emergency broadcast. 3) If costs of emergency broadcasting is prohibitive, proceed with engineering study of FM radio system.
: B.Hatfield/T.Strifler/M.Bradley

Response Review Committee Report: Tom Cooper introduced himself as the new Chairman of the committee and distributed copies of the code reviews for May and June plus Y-T-D. . Tom pointed out the many improvements in the review process brought about by George Hatfield and how the subjectivity was eliminated. Following discussion and clarification on some of the codes, Mayor Dick Kirkland of Point Edward asked what was being done to show the public the improvements made in both reporting and review. It was decided that the CAC prepare a public report ( for the Observer ) to show them what has taken place and to highlight the completeness of the reporting of codes.

Financial Report: Brian Hatfield distributed the report and pointed out that the projected surplus at year end of $10,000 has been reduced by $2500.00 to cover the cost of public announcements each Monday during the siren/ classco device tests at 12:30.

This will last for the four month period of the pilot program. It will be further reduced ( by $2000.00) if the engineering study for the FM station is given the go ahead.

New Business: There being none, the meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.