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CAER Board Meeting Minutes
July 22nd, 2002

St.Clair Townships: Joe Dedecker ( Chairman )
Imperial Oil: Warren Burton ( Co Chairman)
Bayer Inc. : Archie Kerr
CAER: Brian Hatfield
City of Sarnia : Mike Bradley
City of Sarnia Emergency Planning: Cal Gardner
Dow Chemical: Mike Gillis
Lambton County: Mark Wettering
Point Edward: Doug MacKenzie
Shell Canada Ltd.: Peter St.George

Regrets: Pat Davidson, Steve Bolt, Ron Huizinga, Dick Kirkland, Allan Nixon


1) CALL TO ORDER: By the Chair, Joe Dedecker at 9:35 a.m.

2) APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Previous minutes approved as written.
Moved: P.St.George, Seconded: A.Kerr


Site Watch: B.Hatfield gave an update on the program stating that the Chairman, Dan Overy was concerned that the members were slow in getting up their own Site Watch signage and as such the program was losing some momentum. Dan has asked all members to proceed as quickly as possible in erecting signs according to their individual policies.

Public Reporting of Code Statistics:
A lengthy discussion took place as to how best to report these statistics. A.Kerr suggested that this was within the mandate of the Community Awareness Committee and that they already had the Community Report as a vehicle which could be used. A discussion took place as to the frequency of this reporting and Martin Bruce suggested that this is an item which should be addressed by the Working Committee and brought back to the Board for approval. It was stressed that accountability was the prime consideration. Mayor Bradley stated that public education, similar to that done when the sirens were introduced was required. ACTION ITEM: Martin Bruce

Charter Changes:
A motion was put forward by M.Bruce and seconded by W.Burton to approve the recent changes to section 5. Motion carried.

Allport Device: Cal Gardner outlined the Industry Canada meeting held to explain their requirements for possible funding of the pilot project here in Sarnia. He stated that Industry Canada had approximately 2.5 million to be used on these types of projects. He stated that the Director, Peter Hill called for a unique proposal involving all methods of public notification. The operating costs of such a system have yet to be developed and that a pilot project would help determine these costs. A proposal Committee has been formed and meets on July 26th. Cal outlined the proposed requirements of a four hundred unit test. Mayor Bradley stressed the need for coverage of the entire city and area. Martin Bruce stressed that the committee will put together a business case proposal. The Working Committee had set a time frame of late September & October to review the proposal. A special meeting would be called for this purpose.

Response Review Committee: As George Hatfield was unable to attend, Brian Hatfield gave his report which showed a compliance rate which had dropped from 82% in May to 55% as of June 30th. He pointed out that the main deficiencies were lack of a contact name and late faxing of the checklist. He reported that the need for consistent, regular training was very apparent. M.Bruce requested that the training confirmation letter be sent out by monthís end. ACTION ITEM: B.Hatfield Brian pointed out that following the Response Review Committee meeting, all of the checklists with the mistakes noted, are sent to the plants requesting corrections to their internal procedure regarding reporting. Martin Bruce stated that the Working Committee needs to review the CVECO Notification Checklist to examine the question of position versus name ACTION ITEM: M.Bruce

Financial Report: B.Hatfield distributed the report and stated that the funds should be sufficient to achieve this years goals. He stated that he was preparing a 2003 budget proposal for the Working Committees review prior to bringing it to the Board for approval.


Peter St.George reported on the Bluewater CAP members desire to become involved in the Response Review Process by sitting in on the meetings. A discussion ensued during which both M.Gillis and A.Kerr reported that any response review was a direct one way report to their respective CAP membership ( Dow & Bayer ) M.Bruce stated that He would have the Response Review Committee review itís process and He would report back to the Board. ACTION ITEM: M.Bruce

CAP Orientation:
Martin Bruce reported on the recent orientation session held and stated that there were others planned for November. One of the items arising is the question of Board accountability. Has it considered an audit process by a 3rd party? W.Burton suggested a self assessment process before any thought is given to a 3rd party audit. It was suggested that the Working Committee develop a self assessment process. Peter St. George offered to work with the Working Committee on developing an assessement process. It was felt that this should be brought to the Board at their first meeting in 2003.

Petro Chem Forum: Archie Kerr reported on this forum and stated that the response was very positive.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:45 a.m.