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Chair: Joe Dedecker Mayor St.Clair Township
CoChair:     Warren Burton I.O.L.
Pat Davison Warden Lambton County
Martin Bruce Nova Chemicals
Ron Huizingh Bayer
Steve Bolt Dow
Phil Maness Aamjiwnaang First Nations
Kirk Bailey Sunoco
Dick Kirkland Mayor Point Edward
Mark Wettering Lambton County
Steve Beatty EMO
Cal Gardner City of Sarnia
Brian Hatfield CAER


Regrets Peter St.George Shell Mike Bradley Mayor, City of Sarnia

1) Call to Order: By the Chair Joe Dedecker at 9:35 a.m.

2) Approval of previous minutes: moved by Pat Davison and seconded by Kirk Bailey. Minutes adopted as written.

3) Business arising from the minutes: None raised

4) Site Watch Program Update: Brian Hatfield distributed the Site Watch pamphlet and outlined the key features of the program. He stated that Mayor Bradley would be holding a press conference this Friday at 10:00 a.m. and that the press release would also be sent to all major Canadian Papers and news agencies. Interest locally was high and that several companies were now on board. It was felt by all CAC and CVECO members that this will be a positive boost and seen as a proactive project following Sept 11th, 2001.

5) Newsletter Format: Brian Hatfield distributed small copies of the new format of the former newsletter, now called the CAER Community Report. He mentioned that the new format had been very positively received by the members of the CAC. He went on to show the articles and features. He also pointed out that they would be distributed along with Sarnia This Week throughout the City and Point Edward. At Warden Davidson’s enquiry, He pointed out that the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides distributed these copies in St.Clair Township.

6) Response review Committee: In George Hatfield’s absence ( previous training commitment) Brian presented George’s Report which was a month by month listing of codes called and a year to date summary. It showed that a total of 41 codes have occurred since Jan 1st. 39 or 95 % were Code 8’s and 2 code 9’s were called. He gave examples of deficiencies that were highlighted by the committee and the method used to send back the original checklists to the CVECO representative of that Company for correction. The number of codes called seems ( for the past three months) to have averaged 13, however it was pointed out by before several members that a longer time frame was required. It was generally agreed that a) more codes are being called, because members are now reporting all incidents that can be seen publicly and not just the major ones as was the practice in the past and b) These statistics should be made public, but that care had to be taken in order to avoid discouraging companies from reporting all incidents because of public reaction. Phil Maness pointed out that significant improvements have been made but that the accountability should involve more that just the Response Review Committee. He stated that He had hoped the MOE would be at today’s meeting and that they take a role in the accountability process. A discussion on defining accountability took place following Steve Bolt’s question of definition of accountability. There was general agreement that these statistics will be made public, probably through the Community Report.but not until after a through examination and discussion by the Board. B.Hatfield was asked to table this item for the July 22nd, Board Agenda. The discussion was summarized by Warden Davidson who stated “ We evaluate on a) How well we’re reporting, b) Are we correcting Deficiencies and c) Are we reporting to the community.

 7) Proposed changes to the Charter: Martin Bruce distributed copies of Warren Burtons suggested wording to section five of the Charter. he explained that it was intended to get these changes to the Board members just prior to this meeting, however it was noted that 15 days were required prior to any vote on change. It is therefore tabled as an agenda item for July 22nd meeting. It was generally agreed that there should be little opposition to the proposed change. Copies to be sent to all absent members. ACTION ITEM: B.Hatfield

8) Bell Canada Proposal: Cal Gardner explained that the CBC,( folowing news that a City of Ottawa inability to notify residents in the event of an emergency ) were going to do a documentary on Emergency Response. He mentioned that several communities, including Sarnia were expected to be contacted. A discussion recalled the Board’s letter asking the government to committ to funding a pilot project for the Allport device in Sanrio. Joe Dedecker confirmed the sending of the letter under his signature. It was felt that more pressure was needed to get the government to act. B.Hatfield was asked to send the name and address for the original letter to all Board members so that they can consider sending their own letters of support for the project. B.Hatfield was asked to send a copy of the original letter to all members.

It was also suggested that Roger Galloway be contacted and updated on this situation.
ACTION ITEM: B.Hatfield/C.Gardner

Cal was also asked to provide a brief update on the sirens and he reported that all were working well except # 8, located at Virgil and Chippewa Crescent. He stated that a 15% holdback was in effect until the contact problem ( wet weather, fog etc) with this siren is corrected. He stated that a repeater will probably be needed and that this is the supplier’s responsibility. Aside from this item, they are functioning well.

9) Best Practices Update: Brian Hatfield read a report from Brad Boyd which stated that there had been three incident review committee meetings and two sessions where the Process Integrity/Best Practices Workshop forum took place. On Sept 18th,2001 the “leading edge “ practices that were presented were;

1) Incident Investigation and the Apollo Root Cause Analysis software presented by Yorma Salmikivi of Dow and
2) Management of Critical Devices by Kevin Doughty of Imperial Oil. On November 20th, 2001 the Incident Review Committee held a winterization “Roundtable” to discuss best practices pertaining to winterization.

10) Financial Report: Brian Hatfield distributed copies of this report showing the CAER and CVECO balances as of March 31st.2002. He stated that baring unforseen circumstances that this should be sufficient to finish out the balance of this year.

11) New Business: B.Hatfield raised the fact that the Board was the only CAER body without a regular meeting place. Following discussion it was agreed that 265 N.Front St. was convenient to all members for future meetings. There being no other items of new business the meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

NEXT MEETING July 22nd at 9:30 a.m. Room 208 265 N.Front St. Sarnia