During some emergencies, it may be necessary to protect our citizens by evacuating the area impacted by the emergency. An emergency evacuation centre may be set up to provide shelter and food to people affected by the emergency. The nature, magnitude and location of the emergency will determine the evacuation routes to be used and what areas are affected. When you hear municipal emergency sirens or the interruption of local cable TV, you should tune into the local Sarnia-Lambton Radio stations for information and instructions:

PLEASE NOTE: When you hear sirens or local TV broadcasting interruptions other than Mondays at 12:30 noon you are directed to monitor your local Sarnia-Lambton radio stations for emergency instructions and for the most current information available. Stay tuned to these radio stations.

Do not evacuate unless instructed to do so by radio or Emergency Personnel. Exposure to chemicals could put you at risk, and unnecessary traffic could hamper emergency operations.

Listen carefully to evacuation instructions as they are broadcasted or provided to you by Emergency Personnel, and follow them exactly.

If you must evacuate,
  • Assemble only the essential items you will need.
  • Take your prepared emergency kit. Don't forget any necessary medications or prescription drugs.
  • If you have time, leave a short note telling others when you left and where you went (this could be left in your mailbox).
  • If you are evacuated, register with the reception centre so that you can be contacted and reunited with your family and loved ones. If you are going somewhere else other than the reception centre, advise the centre of your whereabouts.
  • Take items appropriate for the care, feeding and entertainment of infants and young children.
  • Pets should be caged or on a short leash.

Emergency Notification Methods

You may have an emergency official knocking at your door, providing evacuation instructions to you or instructions for a boil water advisory. You may have Emergency Services driving through your neighbourhood, providing instructions over a loud speaker. Unique partnerships & cooperation with COGECO and Sarnia Lambton Radio stations provides the City of Sarnia (Sarnia Police Services) the ability to interrupt local programming to provide Emergency Notification to the public.

Municipal outdoor sirens are used to alert the public outdoors in certain areas south of Wellington Street of chemical releases or of tornado warnings.

When will they be tested?

Sirens will be tested every Monday at 12:30 Noon for a 15 second test.

When will the sirens be used in an emergency?
Sirens will only be sounded for three minutes in duration when immediate action is required by the public.

What if the situation changes?
If, after the initial 3 minute sounding of the sirens, the situation changes and further immediate action is required, the sirens will again be sounded for 3 minutes to once again alert people to tune to the local radio for additional instructions.

Where are they located?
There are 4 in south end of Sarnia, 1 in Point Edward, 3 in Aamjiwnaang (First Nations) and 2 in Corunna.

What do they sound like?
Sirens will be sounded for a total of three-minute cycle, which consist of a 5 second high tone followed by 1 second of silence. This pattern is repeated for a full three minutes.

What should you do?
Do not panic, and tune to one of the local radio stations above.


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