Community Warning System

CAER's Community Warning System (CWS) helps you, your family and your community learn how to best prepare for and handle emergencies.

Overview of the Community Warning System
How Does it Work?
Why Provide the CWS?
Guiding Principles

Overview of the System

The CVECO Community Warning System (CWS) is an emergency warning system that consists of siren alerts, radio notification and public education. Sarnia’s Community Warning System (CWS) alerts the community and emergency responders when there is a hazardous materials incident or in the case of severe weather such as tornadoes.

The CWS includes a system of outdoor sirens that can be quickly sounded in the event of a chemical release that could impact the public. Emergency response agencies can also activate the warning system for severe weather, transportation and other types of incidents.

While the safety sirens provide an outdoor alert that means to go indoors and shelter-in-place, the public will receive additional information over local radio stations. 

How Does it Work?

Sirens have been placed in the industrial corridor along the St. Clair River. They are intended to be used for chemical accidents and used to notify the community to Shelter, Shut & Listen.

The CVECO emergency Command Centre located at the Sarnia Police Station can order a coordinated deployment of emergency responders using the CWS to targeted areas of the City during an incident.

Why Provide the CWS?

Our mission is to provide an alert and notification system that is able to:

  • immediately alert city residents to Shelter-in-Place in response to an emergency that may be harmful to their well being;

  • Notify appropriate emergency response agencies concerning the emergency; and,

  • Provide on-going updates about the incident and additional protective measures that may be required.

Guiding Principles

  1. Recognize that people's safety during an emergency is the highest priority.

  2. Implement an alert and emergency notification system to reduce adverse impact for individuals affected during an emergency situation.

  3. Foster an awareness of the alert and notification system throughout the city, and provide support for on-going education about "Shelter-in-Place" emergency measures.



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