Shell Announces Planned Maintenance Shutdown.

Date: 10/14/2004

Shell Canada Products

Sarnia Manufacturing Centre

Corunna, Ontario N0N 1G0

October 7, 2021

Dear Neighbour,

As part of our ongoing dialogue with Shell neighbours and the community surrounding our facility, I would like to inform you that from October 13, 2021 until approximately November 2, 2004, Shell personnel and contractors will be conducting a planned maintenance shut down of several refinery process units.

As previously communicated, shutdowns are a necessary part of our business and ensure the continued safe and reliable operation of the refinery.

The units involved in this autumn's scheduled maintenance include the distillate hydrotreater (DHT), which removes sulphur from diesel fuels, one of SMC's four steam generating boilers, as well as the BTX and UDEX units which separate naphtha, a crude processing by-product, into benzene, toluene, and xylene.

The shutdown work will include routine cleaning of vessels, inspections for equipment integrity, increased safeguarding, and profitability improvements.

With added work being performed at the site, you may notice increased flaring, and periods of increased noise due to steam. Also, there will be an increase of traffic along St Clair Parkway as additional local contractors are employed at the plant. Our shutdown planning team has spent many months preparing this work so that we can meet our safety and environmental objectives with as limited disruption to our neighbours as possible.

We are committed to informing you about our planned activities and are available to provide additional information. Please feel free to call myself, or Heather Cooper Shell’s Community Liaison Officer, at 481-1135. We also have a 24-hour Safety and Environmental phone number, which is 481-1455.


Marc Mageau

General Manager, Sarnia Manufacturing Centre

Shell Canada Products





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