The Lambton College Fire & Emergency Response Training Centre is a unique Canadian Facility that specializes in training industrial and municipal fire fighters and emergency response personnel to better meet their community’s emergency response needs. The centre began as an undertaking of 18 major local industries, the City of Sarnia and Lambton County. These organizations, referred to as Charter members, contributed capital funds to establish the facility. Many of these same partners are also members of CVECO. Today, the school operates on a self-supporting basis through student fees and is an excellent example of industry & education working together to meet common training goals.

The centre is comprised of the 4 program areas: Pre-Service Firefighter Education & Training Program, Fire Science Technology Diploma Program, Industrial Fire School and the Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Program. Our 17 acre site provides hands-on training on live burns, both exterior and interior (structural) using state of the art equipment. We offer a variety of newly upgraded scenarios for mixed load consignments, tank trailer transfers and rail car exercises. Custom training is also available to meet specific needs.




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