The greatest exposures during any fire are the firefighters themselves.

All of the firefighters have experienced short exposures to this type of heat at the Lambton College Industrial Fire School, but few have ever had to deal with the heat and effort involved over the duration of this fire.

Work periods were kept to 20 - 30 minutes maximum, water and food kept bodies fueled and a sense of humour kept spirits high. Although the only injury suffered was a cracked knuckle, most of these wonderful people had to deal with stress, fatigue, blisters and sore muscles for quite some time.

No single company has the resources to deal with an event of this magnitude and successful extinguishment would not have been possible without CVECO (Chemical Valley Emergency Coordinating Organization).

Special thanks from Sunoco and Fire Chief George Hatfield to the following fire departments and people for their help with the on scene fire fighting:

City of Sarnia - Chief Owen Forsythe & Platoon Chief Pat O'Brien
Nova (Corunna) - Bruce Lester
Imperial Oil - Tom Cooper
Dow Chemical - Gord Gark
Shell Canada - Geoff Clarke
Moore Township - District Chief Greg Stoudt & Training Officer Peter Humble

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