Personal Action Guide for Community Emergencies

Work through this book with your family. Fill in all the appropriate blanks. Be sure that every member of your household knows where the book is located We suggest hanging the book near the telephone, NOT filed in a drawer or bookcase. Determine that location NOW, and write it down.


 Ensure that your family knows the methods by which they might be notified of an emergency. A siren may sound, or bulletins may be issued over local radio and television stations. In some cases, notification might come by telephone, or through a public address system.

Have on hand a working radio that will operate on battery power

Have on hand a supply of appropriate sized batteries to operate your emergency radio.

Have on hand a reliable flashlight, extra batteries, and a supply of candles, matches and canned food to be used if there is an extended power failure.

Have on hand a reasonable supply of bottled drinking water.

About a week after your family has read this book, hold an emergency drill, to ensure that each family member is able to respond appropriately.

 Tune your radio to a local Station Such as:

CHOK, Sarnia

AM 1070

CFGX, Sarnia(The Fox)

FM 99.9

CHKS, Sarnia

FM 106.3

WPHM, Port Huron

AM 1380

If there is an emergency these radio stations will be notified immediately by CAER/CVECO authorities. They will broadcast the appropriate instructions for you to follow.

Depending on the nature of the emergency, TV broadcasting may be interrupted with warnings or instructions. You are advised, however, to rely on your battery powered radio, which will broadcast information on both extensive and more localized emergency situations.

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