Personal Action Guide for Community Emergencies

How to Use This Guide 

Would you know what to do if the emergency siren sounded? Would your child, alone at home after school, know the proper procedures to follow if the weather suddenly turned threatening? 

This book has been designed to help every household in Sarnia/Lambton prepare for - and respond intelligently to - severe weather or chemical emergencies that might arise in our area. 

Our community is known throughout the country as a leader in industrial safety and health awareness. The people who work in the Chemical Valley are thoroughly acquainted with chemical emergency procedures - perhaps to the point that we believe nothing could ever happen that might threaten our health and safety. 

But no amount of preventive measures can avert a tornado or a crippling winter storm. And no matter how careful we are chemical accidents can, and do, happen. In these instances, the uninformed are at the most risk. 

Please invest thirty minutes of your family's time in working through this book together; so that everyone in your household is prepared to act confidently and correctly; should an emergency arise. There are spaces throughout the book that you will fill in with important information to personalize this guide to your own circumstances. Once you have made this book your own, it should be kept in a prominent, accessible location. If you move to another residence revise it. And do review ft occasionally - perhaps every New Year's Day; as a commitment to each other's health and safety. 

Preparedness for emergency could make all the difference in the world to you and those you love. This book will help you make that difference.

Table of Contents