Bluewater Risk Assessment Project

On September 23, 1998, the Lambton CAER organization completed a study that had been ongoing since 1996. It was the first uniform report on risks associated with the industries found in Lambton County, Ontario.

Two standard scenarios were proposed. One was a Worst Case, which depicted the unimpeded release of the largest quantity of any chemical in any single container, on a plant site, that could have an effect beyond that plant's boundaries. The second was an Emergency Planning Case. Usually lesser amounts of the chemical were involved, or release was at a slower rate than for the Worst Case.

Effects were measured to 1 lb/in2 for explosion overpressure, 5 kW/m2 for heat effects and ERPG2 for toxic effects from wind borne vapours. None of these are lethal limits.

Fourteen companies took part in the study. Three municipalities and the CAER organization contributed information.

The information is available in a series of 49 monographs entitled Bluewater Risk Communication Project "Risk Scenario Fact Sheets". Call (519) 336-3656

Each Fact Sheet includes such information as:


A video of the public presentation given at the time of the release of this data is available for purchase. Call (519) 337-0177.

A procedure is in place to keep the information in the Fact Sheets up to date with the passage of time, and to extend the historic record of releases, year by year.

Much of value can be traced to the completion of this project, already, and it will continue to serve the needs of the community for years to come.


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